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KotD2 - Arabia

by Chrazini - 588 downloads

All games during King of the Desert 2 will be played on a modified version of Arabia. All players must be subscribed to the workshop item in order to receive any potential updates automatically.Changelog from orignal Arabia:• All cliffs have been removed.• Ponds will no longer generate.• All players spawn with one goat already captured close to their starting town center.• Deer has been replaced by zebras and always spawn in patches of three.• Relics are more evenly spread out across the map.• A group of four wild camels will spawn somewhere in the desert.• Several changes to the overall aesthetics.Changelog 04-11-2018 | Version 1.0• Initial release.Changelog 09-11-2018 | Version 1.1• Increased the amount of wood on the map.Changelog 12-11-2018 | Version 1.2• Boars spawn slightly closer to the players.• Slightly more terrain variation has been added.Changelog 14-11-2018 | Version 1.3• The clumping factor of the forests have been decreased.• Gold, stone and berries will spawn further apart.
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